$100 Reward

We will happily reward $100 to our customers to say Thank You for each roof replacement  and painting services we complete based on a direct referral from them.

It’s simple, introduce us S&R Eagle Services, LLC to your neighbor (friend, family member, coworker, stranger in the grocery store…)  they can request a Free Estimate  by calling  our office  and mention your name, and we subsequently replace their roof or paint their home or business and

we send you a check for $100 per referral.

 Be sure to remind them to mention your name so we know who to thank properly!

Thank You in advance for your thoughtful consideration and we look forward to serving your friends with the same level of attention and professionalism that made you want to refer us in the first place.

We understand that trust has to be earned and we are confident that we can earn your trust as well as any future client we meet through you.

Thank You!